Saturday, February 25, 2012

Racism, Boondocks, Martin Luther King JR

This is a tired subject, but I'm going to talk about it anyway. We all went to school and learned about how evil slave owners were and how they beat the tar out of their slaves. We know that slaves are black and slave owners are white. That is what we know.

The US has been trying to create a society that doesn't see color... let me correct that, they want you to believe they are creating a society that doesn't see color. I think we are all aware of "diversity" practices and "affirmative action," I should not have to get into that. What I want to say here is that these things do not create a colorless society, they create a society where some feel more privileged than others.

I am a conservative (relatively), white, male, straight, Christian. Because I am not a liberal, black, female, gay agnostic, I don't have a say. What I have to say is unimportant. Everything out of my mouth is old-school and can't be applied in the new world we live in today.

Instead we live in a world where a white student who works hard to go to an awesome, private school and receives a 4.0 GPA is passed over so a school can become more diversified.

Instead there are scholarships for African Americans only, but if there was a scholarship for white Americans only, it would be racist.

Discrimination has effected more than those who are black. It has happened to all immigrants, including those of white skin. Now white Americans can't find jobs because of affirmative action. Though, they may be more qualified for the job position, the company needs to fill it with a minority, who may not be as qualified.

I'm sick of racism. And I'm sick of the so-called intellectual minorities who still believe they need to stick it to the white man for actions that he, himself, is not guilty of.

Here is a clip from The Boondocks TV show. It depicts Martin Luther King Jr. giving a speech in modern times. I think that his words are extremely appropriate and I want to say that they apply to more than just African Americans. They apply to any American who believes they are being put down by the man (yes these words are even for me).

If we want to realize a colorless society that does not look at race, that isn't always trying to stick it to the whites, that actually wants actual equality, we need to reevaluate ourselves and each of us take steps in that direction. Improve ourselves and the whole world may change and reflect that decision.

I am not racist. I believe in universal equality. I just wish the everyone else could believe that too.

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