Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Listening to God Part 2

Not sure how many parts there are to this. I stated in another post about mankind's disregard of the soul as equal to the mind and body. And this post, more or less, talks a little more about that issue.

logic, christian blog
 Logic kills God's voice. Mankind is very proud of its ability to understand everything. We use our senses as well as learned information to navigate our world as well as assume conclusions. After thorough testing we create a theory and later it is either deemed a solid fact or is discarded as a fallacy.

Maybe what I have to say is fallacy as well... I hope not.

We use our brains to interpret the world around us. But there are plenty of things that go on around us that we can not see, hear, smell, touch or taste. There are things outside this world that we have yet to experience.

So science would conclude that it doesn't exist. It can't prove it exists. It can't study it or categorize it... never mind, it can categorize it as myth or fiction. And that is OK. I can't force people to believe. I tried that once and it was horrible. God has to give a person hunger before they will eat. I'm just here for support.

Now back to business. Logic... We use it to interpret our world but it is not the way we can interpret anything outside of it. If there are different dimensions, maybe gravity doesn't work. What if magic is science? What if humans evolved from apes? Anyone? Theory? Yeah, I know... : (

christian blogI am not disregarding logic. It is something that God gave us to discern with. But when it comes to spiritual matters, it may not be the best tool to use. We are all used to the scientific method. You make an observation, take notes, formulate theory, test theory, you've got a law... or not!

But when it comes to spiritual matters, we tend to have different experiences at different times. These appear as random and can't be proved by any scientific method. That doesn't mean they didn't happen, it just means it can't be proved.

demons, christian blogAnother issue in this is the question of whether it is God or not. God interacts with the heart because that is where he is needed. But Satan does to because he knows where your desires lie. Sometimes our experiences can be misinterpreted. It is during these moments we need to pray about it... or see what happens.

God has plans to prosper us. When we act without his blessing, it can really screw things up. Just remember that God never gives you anything that you can't handle and he will also never want you to do anything against his laws that are in the Bible.

In fact that is the best place to look before jumping in on something you though you heard from God. God will make you do some uncomfortable things but they will never be things against Him.

In conclusion (because I doubt anyone can come to one here as it is too long and without enough info), logic makes it hard to hear God. You need to learn to feel with your heart in order to hear Him. That's where he is after all (if you followed step one).


  1. Hi Perry,
    just read your post and totally agree with your belief that logic can make it hard to hear God, the carnal mind is at enmity with God. I have just written a post on my blog www.lighthousevision.blogspot.com regarding this, called 'Believe, all things are possible.' One of the first scriptures the Lord spoke to me when I became a christian was 'Trust in the Lord with all your heart, don't lean on your own understanding', and when I was a child and used to have arguements with my siblings my dad used to say(when we used to say 'dad, who is right?) 'Let's see what the Lord says', and reach for the Bible to look for an answer. Now, that is what I say to myself.

  2. Wow. There is definitely a lot that can be said about the issue of logical thought and its impact on spiritual growth.

    I think that true faith in God, true trust and understanding of His word, creates true logic.

    I have recently been reading books by Ravi Zacharias. He is considered one of the greatest theological minds of our time. It is amazing the level of logic and wisdom he possess simply because he spends so much time studying the Bible.

    You are correct that God desires us to prosper in this life not just the next. And sometimes its hard to remember that when life doesn't make sense.

    Thank you for sharing your insight. :)